The Butcher Shop

 In Jalisco Super Market we have just what you need, a wide variety of cuts in SELECT MEAT, with ANGUS guarantee. Special cuts made to your choice by our expert butchers. Ribs, Cecina, Picaña, Asada, Rib Eye, T-Bone, Arrachera.

Enjoy delicious products ready to grill or even ready to serve !!

Meat and seafood prepared by our chefs with traditional recipes and first-class ingredients to get dishes that you will only find in Jalisco SuperMarket. Cocktails, Ceviches, Marinated Meats, Chorizo, Discada, all delicious. 

Accompany your BBQ with a long list of sauces and side dishes that cannot be missed. Rice, Beans, Sauces, Guacamole, Chicharrón and many more. And if you have guests for dinner or a small big celebration, we are also here for you, contact us to find out how we can help you.

Asada Menudo  Pork Head Beef Tongue Taquitos Meat • Ribs T-Bone Picaña Chorizo Fajitas  Chicken Quail Turkey

Shrimp Cocktail Ceviches Agua Chile • Salmon Octopus AND MUCH MORE